Grade 11 is another very important year. It is the second year of a student’s journey to meeting their graduation requirements.

*Download these two document to help with graduation planning*

(Grad Planner (PDF)

and Dogwood Planner (PDF))

(The companion document to the Grad Planner 2015/16)

In grade 11, the courses needed for graduation are:

**Starting in the 2016/2017 school year, changes to graduation and assessment will be more closely aligned with the new curriculum and personalized learning. Grade 10 courses completed after June 30th 2016 can no longer write the gr 11 social studies 11 exam. All students will write a literacy assessment and math skills assessment provincial exam before graduation (available Sept. 2017). Please see this link for more information:

  • a Language Arts (aka English) 11
  • Social Studies 11 or 12 
  • Mathematics 11 or 12
  • a Science 11 or 12
  • a Fine Arts and/or an Applied Skills 10, 11, or 12, OR
  • one or two electives from grade 10 - 12. A student is also required to take 7 electives for graduation (3 of which must be a grade 12 level course)

     Applied Skills courses offered at SCIDES:
     Accounting 11, ACE IT, Business Computer Applications 11, Entrepreneurship 10, Family Studies 11/12,
     Foods & Nutrition 11/12, Marketing 11/12, Secondary School Apprenticeship 11A * Note that
     Independent Directed Studies courses may also include focus areas of Information Technology,
     Technology Education, Textiles etc.

      Fine Arts
courses offered at SCIDES:
Photography 10-12, Visual Arts  10-12.* Note that Independent Directed Studies courses may also include focus areas of Dance, Drama, Theater

      **Wondering about trades and apprenticeships and the jobs that could be available to you? We
      have those too. Under courses, select “Trades and Apprenticeships”**