Elementary courses are available to students between the age of 5 and 12, based on their age on December 31 of the current calendar year.



Grade 6

The Grade 6 Program is divided into subject areas. A variety of resources and materials relating to subject areas and topics are provided. These include textbooks, online resources, DVD’s and CD’s. This program is designed for students utilizing both online and paper-based sources suitable for distributed learning environments, and is based on the prescribed learning outcomes of the Ministry of Education. Students are encouraged to use a variety of resources and references to broaden their understanding and support their learning strengths, needs, and styles.








Traditional Distance Ed Program



Build your Own


We will send you a box of materials each term. 
You will complete your assignments and send back requested sections for review.
In consultation with your teacher, you can choose the way you meet outcomes. 
Work from the materials we offer but make choices to personalize your program.
Choose your own novel, complete a project, write a report or ask for more review. 
Your teacher can help you find your learning style and create projects that will engage you.
Choose your own materials and lessons.  Plan your own units and your teacher can help you meet BC learning outcomes. 
All learning plans need to be approved by your teacher.